Sunset cruises, sunset walks on the beach, sunset dinners on the patio, the list goes on. The romanticization of sunsets is never ending, especially in tropical, exotic locations.

In Los Cabos, however, it’s all about the sunrise.

Around 630a you’ll see the people start to wander from the resorts, making a pilgrimage to the beach. They’ll drop a towel at their favorite pool chair on the way, and then find a spot on the sand. They may be by themselves, they may be couples, or groups. They’ll subtly turn their heads to the southeast and wait.

The cobalt blue sky of night, will slowly awaken with lines of bright orange in the dawn.

Sunrise in San Jose del Cabo

Then the clouds will turn pink.

Sunrise in San Jose del Cabo

Then the sun will slowly peak over the edge of the world before making its daily journey across the sky.

Sunrise in Cabo

Sunset is romantic and worthy of all the praise it gets, but seeing the sunrise? Seeing the day break and start fresh and anew? There’s something special in that. After sunrise, the day is just beginning. The world is bright and ready for possibility.

running on the beach in cabo
Sunrise in San Jose del Cabo is all of that, and more. It’s worth waking up early for. It’s worth staying up late for. It’s worth it.

Here’s a calendar to track sunrise in San Jose del Cabo for your next visit.

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