There are many romantic places on this planet. Many of them take their romance seriously by taking the name of love for their name. For this Valentine’s Day season, here are some of the world’s most romantic place names.

El Beso at El Parque del Amour, Peru

Love Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru is home to a statue called The Kiss. There used to be kissing competitions in El Parque del Amour where couples would see who could kiss the longest. El Beso represents sculptor Victor Delfin, and his wife, in an embrace.

Playa del Amour, Mexico

Lover's Beach, Los Cabos

Lovers Beach sounds like a secluded romantic getaway where you can frolick and get your best Against All Odds moment on, right? Wrong. Lovers Beach is near Los Arcos and Lands’ End in Los Cabos. It’s a popular tourist stop, snorkeling beach, and you will be hard pressed to find any stretch of sand where you can get your lover on in private.

Still, Playa del Amour has got the a good name for marketing, and people come in droves. The best part? Walk too far back on the beach and you’ll find yourself staring at the Pacific Ocean, on Divorce Beach.

Divorce Beach, Los Cabos

Lover, Wiltshire


Lover would be a good place to take your lover. just know the town name rhymes with Dover. Sometimes it looks better than it really is.

Lovers’ Island, Croatia

Otok Galešnjak <3

Loveland, Colorado

top of the ridge looking down on loveland

Kissing, Germany

Kissing sign

Romance, Arkansas

Romance cemetery

Climax, Saskatchewan

Prairie Gold


There’s Cupids, Heart’s Content, Heart’s Delight, and Little Heart’s Ease in Newfoundland, but not everyone gets to spend Valentine’s Day with the one they love .. so there’s also, ahem, Dildo, Newfoundland.


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