Japan Tourism Agency Offering 10 000 Free Flights

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Want free airfare to Japan? Tell them where you want to go, promise to blog about your adventures when you get back and you could scoop one of 10 000 plane tickets Japan’s Tourism Agency is offering up to bring back the business.

In the wake of the spring tsuamni and resulting nuclear meltdowns, tourism to Japan has fallen nearly 50%. To bring back the tourists, the Japan Tourism Agency has asked for nearly a billion dollars in funding to launch an old-fashioned word-of-mouth blitz.

The Japan Tourism Agency is looking at an April launch for the program which would have tourists make an online pitch for the free flights, detailing which areas of the country they would like to visit.

The agency will select the successful entrants and will cover only the air travel (you’ll be on the hook for the rest). Then, just like mommy bloggers raving about stain remover, you’ll be asked to spread the word about your Japanese adventure through social media.

Tourism authorities hope that positive reports from travelers about their experiences in Japan will help ease international worries about visiting the country, the newspaper said.

Your visit to Japan brings everyone, in particular the people in the affected areas, vigor for reconstruction. We are looking forward to expressing our appreciation for the support and cooperation given to us by all of you for reconstruction efforts.
Hiroshi Mizohata
Japan Tourism Agency
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism

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