Canada is the planet’s second-biggest country by total area, meaning that visitors could be overwhelmed by the variety of things to do and the distances between the main attractions. However, by focusing on the different types of travel experience available in Canada, we can
see some of the best places in the country to visit depending upon your interests.

The Biggest Tourist Attractions – Toronto

Unlike some other countries, there isn’t a single city that is far ahead of the other in terms of the number of visitors it attracts. However, if we look at the latest figures, Toronto in Ontario is the most-visited of the Canadian cities, with over four and a half million tourists each year, putting it ahead of Vancouver and Montreal in this respect.

There are plenty of things to do and see here, with the most populous city in the country providing a bustling, thriving destination for anyone who wants to visit theaters, museums, and huge parks. The Toronto Caribbean Festival causes a million tourists to cross the border from the US each year, with an estimated 1.3 million people gathering to see the final parade at its conclusion.

More than two million international tourists visit the huge CN Tower each year, racing to the top in glass elevators before enjoying the panoramic views. The amazing EdgeWalk lets you enjoy walking on the exterior of the tallest freestanding structure in the Western hemisphere, while a revolving restaurant provides a gentler way to enjoy the views.

Big Sports Events – Montreal

As a nation of sports fans, Canada offers plenty of action at the many sporting venues dotted throughout its main cities. However, Montreal is usually regarded as the main place for sport in this country. This is the only Canadian city to have hosted the Summer Olympics, in 1976, and at the time of writing the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team leads the way in terms of Stanley Cup wins.

The Formula One Canadian Grand Prix is one of a series of high-profile motorsport events and is among the biggest annual sports events in Montreal. The F1 event has been held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Notre Dame Island since 1978, with the current agreement keeping it there until at least 2024. This venue has a capacity for 100,000 spectators and is renowned for producing thrilling, unpredictable races.

Basketball, football, and soccer are among the other popular sports in Canada,with online betting sites offering fans odds on these sports as well as virtually every other sporting event that you could hope for. Among the leagues that are popular among gamblers are the NHL, the CFL, and the CHL. A country known for diverse sporting options, curling and the national summer sport of lacrosse are also popular bets.

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A Slice of Natural Beauty – Banff National Park

If there’s one thing that Canada has in abundance, it is natural beauty. With seemingly never- ending national parks containing lakes, mountains, and trails galore, it is one of the best places on Earth to get close to nature. A look at the day trips possible from Calgary lets us see some of the easiest ways of doing this.

It is hard to beat the picturesque Banff National Park. This was Canada’s first national park when it was named Rocky Mountains Park in 1887, and it now covers a mammoth 2,564 sq mi (6,641 sq km). More than three million people visit here each year, to enjoy biking, skiing, hiking, or just to do some sightseeing. Canoeing, swimming, and camping are all carried out in the summer, while winter brings sports like skiing and ice skating to the region.

Lake Louise is probably the most popular spot in the park, with the small town of the same name classed as the highest settlement in Canada. The almost unbelievably scenic lake is easily accessible off the Trans-Canada Highway and is the perfect place to take some photos and look out for the stunning North Lights making their appearance.

There is something in Canada to appeal to every type of visitor. No matter where you live and what type of tourism you most enjoy, it is worth taking a look at what this vast country offers and how to make the most of it.

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