Canada isn’t just about delicious donuts, tech innovators, friendly locals and maple syrup. The country with the longest coastline on Earth is full of natural wonders and excellent nature trails for you to discover.

1. Wapusk

When you are heading to the vast Canadian outdoors, there is probably one thing you’d rather not encounter – and that’s a brown bear. But if you are brave enough heading to Wapusk may afford you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a polar bear in the flesh.

In fact, Wapusk, in its original language, translates to White Bear, which is fitting because there are many of them found here. But don’t worry too much, because professional and considerate tour guides can take you to them at a safe distance in one of their buggies.

2. The Rockies

The Rockies is a mountain range renowned throughout Canada and among adventuring circles. It spans parts of Alberta and British Columbia with ice-capped jagged peaks, mountains, falls, ice caves, diverse wildlife and an oasis of beautiful azure lakes. Its beauty attracts many visitors, skiers and recreational sites.

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3. Point Pelee and Birding

Point Pelee may not be on the tip of your tongue when you want to discover the best national parks in Canada, but it boasts something hat all the others cannot. During the Spring birding season, this natural area attracts an array of unique birds that are not usually found anywhere in Canada. You can enjoy a steady hike and see these for yourself, or get in a canoe and travel throughout the area by water.

4. Forillon and Whale Spotting

Forillon is located at the Gaspé Peninsula and is packed with limestone cliffs and dramatic panoramic scenery. Many of the trials here overlook fishing villages and jaw-dropping scenery from the surrounding area. If you have the legs and appetite for it, this is one of the best places to go hiking in Canada.

But that’s not all. From this point, you can also see six types of whales in the waters below. Or you can choose to jump in a kayak and marvel at the other local wildlife within the park.

5. Appreciate Mother Earth at Gros Morne

This park is built around valleys and rocks that have been created through movement in the tectonic plates. From towering natural structures to glaciers, there is a lot to see here. But the most impressive and mind-opening part of this area is the walls of rock which tower above. These aren’t any rocks. They are the Earth’s magma from the core of our planet that was created when North America and Europe slit, almost 600 million years ago.

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