world waterpark at west edmonton mall

[twitter]World Waterpark, West Edmonton Mall
General Admission: $32.95, Kids 3-10: $26.95, Family of 4: $89.95
Open most days 10a – 7p

West Edmonton Mall was the largest indoor shopping center in the world until 2004. The World Waterpark is no slouch on it’s own as it stands as the 2nd largest indoor waterpark in the world (behind Wilderness Territory). The wave pool is the largest in the world, and feels just like you’re at the beach. My kids could have jumped, and punched, and rode those waves all day long. There are slides all over the park. Raft slides are at the far end of the wave pool, big slides are at the near end, and kid friendly slides are behind the big ones.

If it’s your first time to World Waterpark, ask one of the guides which slide lines are where. We found the set up, age and heigh restrictions, and line-up points to be rather confusing. One sign said a slide was restricted to 10 year olds, yet my 5 year old had no problem getting on board.

West Edmonton Mall
West Edmonton Mall
Images via JasonParis

The locker situation is a bit of a gong show as well. We went to World Waterpark on a long weekend. Lockers were sold out everywhere. I had to go through the men’s side and meet my wife on the other side for her to take our clothes back in to her changeroom.

The entrance to World Waterpark is difficult to find as well. Head down the escalators behind Ropes Quest and you’ll get in.

Despite the chaos, our boys loved our time at World Waterpark. It wasn’t a spring break in Mexico, but it was close.

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