With hundreds of millions glued to their phones for large portions of the day, people have started to turn to more traditional hobbies to try and get themselves active and out of the house more. But, like anything in life, finding balance is essential. You can do many entertaining things online; it isn’t about cutting them out of your life.

Hopefully, we can provide a balance for you to see that there’s plenty more to enjoy outside and when you go online. However, the possibilities of the internet are so vast that it is challenging to provide the level of scope it covers.

You can find travel tips, cooking recipes, sports clubs, shop and hundreds of other gaming options, which have become popular thanks to widespread internet connectivity and the availability of mobile devices, online. You can also find many casino games within that huge sector, such as entertaining online slots in Canada that feature titles like Scarab Riches, Sold it Bonus Buy, and Roster Rumble. The wide array of slots let you spend your free time in excitement at the tip of your fingertips, making it a great option as an indoor hobby.

However, today’s focus will be on the cost-effective outdoor hobbies you can try and how to give yourself a break from social media and pivot toward something that might become a new passion for you.

#1 – Fishing

Getting professional fishing equipment is expensive. However, if you’re just starting, you can get a second-hand rod and a cheap tent and relax at the side of a river. In addition, fishing has been studied as an effective combatant force against mental health issues such as depression.

You can fish competitively, use it to increase your social circle, or unwind and be at one with nature. It is a proven way to help focus the mind, and if you haven’t tried it before, it could be something you enjoy and want to explore further.

#2 – Jogging

Another proven way to boost your mental health is to take up running. It is a popular pastime for those who like to keep active and keep their mind sharp. You can set yourself a local route, or you’d prefer to sign up for a gym and hit the treadmill; either way, it is effective. Some people prefer the social side of the gym, and others like the solitude of running by themselves in the street.

If you sign up for the gym, you will incur a monthly fee, but if you want to jog on the street, then this is one of the most cost-effective hobbies you can look to do. Except for a nice pair of jogging shoes, you have no overhead costs and can do it as much as you see fit.

#3 – Boating

As discussed in the fishing section, boating is an enjoyable and peaceful way to connect with nature. If you live near water, you can use it as a springboard to rent a boat with friends and get out on the lake. The only drawback is that it may not be as cost-effective as many of the hobbies discussed in this section.

If you enjoy getting out onto the lake and enjoying the tranquillity of nature, it could lead to a new career path. Some people who take up boating are so taken aback by the solitude it brings them that they start looking for jobs in the industry and plan a whole new career change.

#4 – Cycling

Despite a high upfront cost, cycling is one of the most popular and fun ways to travel, keep fit and socialise, unless you use the bikes in the gym. Depending on where you live, there are plenty of cycling clubs you can join. If you buy a bike, and it turns into a hobby you enjoy, the initial upfront cost will pail compared to the benefits it will bring you.

In addition to riding a bicycle, some people enjoy purchasing a motorbike and getting out on the roads to enjoy the open air and the scenery so that it can open up other avenues for you, too.

#5 – Hiking

Again, this is dependent on where you live. However, if you are willing to travel, you can often find natural beauty spots, walks or hikes within a couple of hours of where you live. Some of us are lucky to have beautiful nature on our doorstep, but if you don’t, travelling for the hike can be part of the adventure.

The beauty of hiking is that it helps people of all skill sets. You can find beginner trails to whip yourself in shape and get out for an hour or two. Additionally, there are plenty of intermediate and advanced trails if you start to enjoy hiking and can feel yourself receiving the physical benefits.

Connecting with nature helps us on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Being able to detach from our mobile devices and breathe in some of the breathtaking scenery nature offers us is one of life’s authentic moments of beauty.

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