Vast majority of students are well aware of how great the influence of physical activity on our health is. And if you ask them why they skip workouts, the most popular answer is likely to be five familiar words – I don’t have enough time.

Yes, we live in hectic times, and many of us have crazy schedules indeed. However, there are thousands of people who work as much (or maybe more) as you do, but this doesn’t stop them from taking care of their health. If you review your lifestyle well enough, you will certainly find free time for running or attending the gym.

By that, we don’t mean long hours of training. For an average student, even 15 minutes of physical exercise a day can improve health, energy level, and overall mood. In addition, training mustn’t take place in the gym only or require the most expensive equipment. Below, we’ve gathered tips on how to manage it all in times of unpredictable changes and rat races. Be sure to try them!

Wake Up Earlier

Of course, sleep is of primary importance for your state, but why not get up at least 30 minutes earlier and take this time for yourself? A morning workout has many benefits. It recharges your batteries for the whole day, gives you an excellent appetite and a boost of dopamine. But most importantly, at the very beginning of the day, you will not be stressed out or anxious! No excuses – just work!

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Have A Social Media Retreat

Do a little experiment. Try to monitor how much time you spend chatting on messengers, and scrolling through feeds per day. Believe us, the numbers will surprise you. We don’t urge you to give up gadgets, but a reasonable limitation will help you unload the nervous system (your brain won’t have to process loads of content). This way, you will find a quarter of an hour for yoga, exercise, or a short run.

Mix Business With Pleasure

You will surely not stop watching Netflix, otherwise, how will you be aware of the latest trends? But no one ties you to a sofa or chair, do they? Stretching, squatting, doing push-ups, yoga, or jumping rope – you will get a double benefit from mixing business with pleasure.

Navigate Around The City In An Active Way

The commute to college and back takes about an hour (or more) for many of us, but there are benefits that we can’t ignore. Try cycling or walking on foot to get to your destination. Or, here’s an easy version. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk this part on foot. An extra thousand steps every day can strengthen your body greatly.

Change Your Habits

There are a lot of actions that we do automatically. You don’t put in the effort to brush your teeth, do you? It’s simple – it has become your habit, and now, it’s part of your consciousness. Habits don’t take time in your schedule. Instead, they follow you like a shadow.

Try starting with a little exercise, like 10 minutes before breakfast, an evening walk before bed, or push-ups while watching a TV series. Then, make it your daily practice, i.e., your healthy habit. Do you need help? Find a friend who has a similar goal – together, you will motivate each other.

Surround Yourself With Active People

Humans are social beings who can’t live without communication. But what exactly do you do in the meantime? Are you watching movies with your family, going out for a beer with friends, or chatting with colleagues in the office kitchen? This is a road to nowhere.

Try replacing it all with a trip to the countryside or a tennis match with friends. Sign up for some classes together, be it stretching or dancing. And what if your acquaintances don’t support you in this decision? Then, expand your social circle.

Combine Regular Activities With Exercise

There are a lot of household activities that don’t bring us joy at all but require energy investment. Here’s an idea – try to combine them with exercise. Set a timer for 20 minutes and start tidying up your bedroom. The same movements at a fast pace will turn out to be an excellent workout.

Master Time Management

If you have a doctor’s appointment, then you will not forget about it, right? How about an important business meeting? We are sure that you wrote down their time in the calendar. The same goes for physical activities since they are no less essential. By the way, the role of physical education at school grows, so you will kill two birds with one stone. Plan your day keeping workouts in mind, just like you schedule other urgent tasks.

Do What You Love

We usually manage to find time for what we love, whether it’s a phone call with a friend, shopping, or an evening walk. But if something seems boring or unimportant to you, your brain will make you forget it or put it off.

Therefore, the secret is simple – find an activity that you really adore. Don’t force yourself to do yoga just because it’s trendy or run because everyone recommends you do this. Better look for something that you are truly enthusiastic about.

Learn To Say “No”

If you have read all the previous points, but haven’t yet found time in your busy schedule, then there is still a way out. You need to change your system of goals and priorities. Do you really need to organize a student party, given that you helped with the previous one? Are you sure you have to sit with the neighbor’s kids for the second weekend in a row?

What about an additional study project, do you really need it? Take care of your health and give yourself a few valuable minutes. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with saying “no” sometimes. Yes, we all have obligations to others, but we shouldn’t forget about obligations to ourselves in the first place. Love yourself and take care of your body, since no one will do it for you.

To Wrap It Up

In fact, finding time for sports is not so difficult. The main thing is to choose what you love with all your heart and review your habits. Some like loading yourself with a bunch of responsibilities, can be abandoned, and some can be modified; combining Netflix with a little training, for instance. Without a doubt, picking up a sport completely changes our lifestyle, forcing us to shift priorities and surround ourselves with more strong-willed and active people.

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