The Classic Wooden Roller Coaster At The PNE Is One Of The Greatest Of All Time [video]

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[twitter]One of the greatest thrills in life is riding in the front of an old wooden roller coaster.

Sure, those new fangled coasters can throw you upside down, and rocket you at ridiculous speeds, but you always feel totally safe in them.

Taking a spin an old wooden roller coaster with merely a metal bar to “hold you in”, is an entirely different experience.

Check out this first person video shot from the front seat of the PNE’s wooden roller coaster for a small taste of what it’s like:

Playland and The PNE’s Wooden Roller Coaster was built in 1958. It doesn’t even go half as fast as many of the modern monsters (the coaster tops out at 75km/h vs more than 200 km/h for new models). The top climb before you drop is not even 1/5 as high as the 500 feet the latest and greatest will threaten to drop you. No, this old wooden roller coaster at Vancouver’s PNE doesn’t need size and speed to intimidate, it just gets the 90 second job done with sheer jolts of terror.

The metal bar over your lap is merely a suggestion that you stay seated for the ride. In actuality, that first bump will have you standing nearly straight up. The wooden roller coaster on the Playland grounds is one of the best in the world because you feel like you could be the one to fly out of it on each and every corner, bump, and drop.

Watch the video, get a taste of the experience, and add it to your bucket list. A ride on a classic wooden roller coaster is a must for any dare devil worth their bravado.

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