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[twitter]With my recent departure from Virgin Radio Vancouver, I became the final tie* to the once mighty Z95.3FM to be escorted from Horseshoe Way.

The station had many different nicknames. Known as Z or Z95.3FM or Z95.3 or Z95 or Z95-3, the station was on the air from May 1991 – June 2007 and was easily one of the most dominating and influential radio stations Vancouver has ever seen.

An entire generation grew up with the energy, magic and music pumped out of the frequency. So as I move on to bigger and better things, I thought it would be fun to look back at the rest of the voices that graced the frequency over those 15 years.

Where are they now?

Darren B Lamb [am/pm drive] – now morning host at CHUM FM Toronto
Clay St Thomas [am drive] – now morning host at JRFM Vancouver
Karen “Crash” Kennedy [am drive] – ?
Tara Maguire [am drive] – now morning host at QMFM Vancouver
Janice Ungaro [am drive] – now in LA being funny
Zack Spencer [evenings/middays]- now host of Driving Television on Global
JoJo Nickolls [evenings] – now Grand Slam Tennis producer for EA Sports
Matthew McBride [middays] – now owns 4 radio stations as McBride Communications
Susan Sierra [middays] – fulfilling dreams online with the Sue and Steve Show
DJ’s Swift and Kool [club 95] – Swift now works for the BC Human Rights Commission while Kool is still spinnin’ the hits
Valerie Ambrose [news] – ?
Andrea Ring [news] – now a holistic veterinarian at The Healing Place

Buzz Bishop [am/pm drive / evenings] – now between gigs, most recently pm drive on Virgin Radio
Rhona Raskin [sex lies audiotape] – still helping people at
Curtis Strange [overnight / music] – now program director at The Beat Vancouver
Ted Schredd [bicycle traffic] – now living in the Okanagan and trying to Discover Fun
Russell James [evenings] – most recently at The Bounce in Edmonton, soon to be at another radio station
Pam Stevens [middays] – now midday host Jack FM Vancouver
Jaxon Hawks aka Big Daddy [evenings] – now music director The Beat Vancouver
Claudine Grant aka Paris Jones [promotions / weekends] – now a reporter at Fox5 in Las Vegas
The Woodman [evenings/weekends] – now a freelance voice guy
Tasha 2K [sticker spotter] – owns a promotions company

Lenora diCabrio [sticker spotter] – wedding photographer
Hannah Solo [sticker spotter] – sales for Astral in the Okanagan
Sabrina Del Ray [traffic / weekends / middays] – now traffic reporter News 1130 Vancouver
Freeway Frank [evenings] – now between gigs, most recently mornings at Energy 101.5 Calgary
Kim Wooder [news] – now mom in North Vancouver
Erin Wilde [middays] – now midday host at Energy 101.5 Calgary
Jennifer Thomson [traffic] – now between gigs, most recently at Talk 1410 Vancouver

Chris Kalhoon [middays / evenings / pm drive] – now a voice / actor
Amber Lee [middays / am drive] – now sales Vibe 98.5 Calgary
Kelly Grant [middays] – now promotions for Hastings Racecourse Vancouver
Michel McDermott [traffic] – now traffic host for Breakfast Television Vancouver
Jonny Staub [evenings] – now middays on The Beat
Kid Carson [evenings] – now mornings at The Beat Vancouver
Roger Kingkade [evenings] – now mornings at X92 Calgary
Ken Rigel [music] – now a real estate agent in Calgary
Sarah Bartok [middays] – now between gigs, most recently middays at Virgin Radio
Kuljeet Kaila [traffic] – now between gigs, most recently traffic at Virgin Radio
Ceara K [music] – now program director Vibe 98-5 in Calgary
Remo [evenings] – now evenings on The Beat Vancouver

*Okay, I’m not the final final tie. Erin Davis and Tara Jean are still on air at 95.3 and so is Nat and Drew. However, my nearly 16 yrs on 95.3 (Sept ’93 – July ’09) are unmatched.

Brad Phillips, the man who was program director to launch Z95 is now the General Manager of Virgin – so there are still plenty of ties to the old school in the building.

But it’s still fun to look back at all the voices that I had the pleasure to share a frequency with over 16 years at the station.

I’ll update the list as I remember people I forgot. Please feel free to add names you want me to look up and add in the comments.

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