vancouver in the fog

[twitter]Vancouver in the fog is a magical place. A thick soupy fog has laid in Vancouver the past couple of days and many great pictures of Vancouver in the fog have emerged.

I still think back to the photo of Vancouver in the fog from January 2009. At first it was a mystery who took the photo of Vancouver in the fog. Then it was credited to Scott Miller / Special to the Vancouver Sun in the January 22, 2009 issue, page A6.

I also received an email from another photographer, Blair Kent, explaining he also took the same shot that morning and this is most likely his.

Then FuturSimpl took inspiration from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and did a quick photoshop hack to place the Millennium Falcon in the image getting ready to land on a very Bespin looking Vancouver.

Here’s some of the best photos of Vancouver in the fog, see if you can find more Bespin inspirations among them.

Millennium Falcon approaches Bespin Cloud City

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