3 Places To Take Great Pictures Of The Calgary Skyline

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The classic Calgary skyline shot showing the Saddledome and the Core in the background is taken from a hill in the neighborhood of Ramsay just southeast of downtown. This is the place news (actually it’s usually sports reporters) will do their standup to get the skyline (and the Saddledome) in the background.

Vancouver has the Grouse Grind, Calgary has “the stairs.” There are many wooden stairways erected to climb the banks of the river valleys surrounding the city. They are about a dozen flights of thigh burning steps that hardcore exercisers will do up to half a dozen times.

The most popular set is on Memorial Drive, just on the opposite end of a pedestrian bridge crossing the Bow from downtown at the Calgary Curling Club. Climb the stairs at noon and you’ll be elbowing your way up with office workers blowing off some midday steam. Once you get to the top, pause and enjoy the view before rushing down to do it all again.

20110124 Calgary from crescent heights

Another angle of the skyline, from the north looking south, can be found from the heights of Nose Hill Park. Grab a spot in the lot just off John Laurie Blvd and then take a 20 minute walk up the path to the hill to wander the grassy fields on the top of this flat park. It’s a great place to go geocaching, ride a bike or run with your dog. While you’re there, enjoy the view.

Look Daddy! It's the CITY!

With the heart of Calgary settled in a valley formed by the Bow and Elbow rivers, there are many great places to get a variety of views of the city skyline.

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  1. Sona Khosla February 8, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    I have to agree with the Nose Hill Park suggestion. I was totally taken by surprise when I saw the view from there. And Ramsay … That’s another surprising one!

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  3. Westcoast Sweetie February 21, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Hi Buzz,

    We sure do miss you here in Van but still like to peek in once in a while to see what you are up to.

    Love the post about the views of Calgary. As an x-Calgarian (many years ago), I would love to add another one to the list. Crescent Rd NW in Crescent Heights. Used to be one of my favorite places, especially at night with the city lights! You will find lots of people up there any time there are fireworks. Great place to go looking at nice homes too. Check it out someday…

    Hope all is well in Cowtown.
    BC Fan

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