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Calgary Skyline | February 20, 2013

[twitter]If you want a great shot of the downtown Calgary skyline, you need to head up to one of the bluffs surrounding the downtown core. Calgary sits in the bed of two river valleys (the Bow and Elbow rivers meet here), so climb up one of the ridges and you can get a great panorama.

There is McHugh Bluff in Crescent Heights. There is a great place in Ramsay that puts the Saddledome in view (a favorite for sportscasters). You can climb Nose Hill Park to get more of the city in your shot. You can also cruise to the top of the hills in Bridgeland (the ends of 1st St NE, or 2nd St NE) to check out the view that is a favorite of young couples who like to “park”.

These locations provide popular backdrops for news crews doing city updates, and give you a chance to get the Bow River, Calgary Tower, and The Bow Tower all in to a great shot that includes the rest of the skyline.

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