World Diabetes Day Movember

[twitter] I’ve got $1000 for Canadian Movember teams, and here’s how you can get a piece of it:

Unlike many men across the continent, I’m not growing a moustache this month. My face is a No Mo Zone this Movember.

I can’t pull off the debonair Tom Selleck thing, I just end up looking a douchey pornstar pedophile – but that doesn’t mean Movember‘s meaning is lost on me.

One of the Guinness World Records I have been involved with was the most people getting PSA baseline tested in a day.

In 2011, I was one of 988 men lined up at the Prostate Cancer Center in Calgary to be tested. My grandfather has an enlarged prostate, my dad has had issues with his, so I’m making sure I’m on board with what needs to be done downstairs.

Movember also supports men’s mental health initiatives. Yes, I support that.

That said, November is also the month set aside to raise diabetes awareness.

World Diabetes Day is November 14, the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, the Canadian who discovered insulin, won a Nobel Prize and changed the lives of tens of millions of people.

More than 9 million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Education needs to be paramount to support those living with Type 1 diabetes and to get the lifestyles changed so more of us don’t develop Type 2 diabetes later in life.  That’s why I run for Team Diabetes around the world and campaign every November.

Diabetes awareness is a cause that is just as important in my world, but hardly gets any of the attention. Breast cancer ensures our world is pinkwashed every October, and Movember brings men’s health front and center in its own creepy way while diabetes awareness languishes on the side.

So I devote myself to raising awareness and funds every November to try and make a difference for those living with diabetes. In the past decade, I have raised more than $35 000 for diabetes research, awareness, and programs such as Camp Jean Nelson.

While I can’t put myself through the upper lip embarrassment of Movember‘s movement, I want to support those that do – but there needs to be a quid pro quo here.

That logo mashup at the top is what I’m talking about here. The blue circle of World Diabetes Day, paired with the moustaches of Movember. Both can get some love here very easily.

I’ve got $1000 set aside for your Canadian Movember Team and moustache growing skills as part of a donation exchange program. Whatever you donate to me, I’ll donate to you. Just hit this Team Diabetes Donation Link and fill it out, send me a note with your donation address, and I’ll reciprocate the gesture by donating to your Canadian Movember Team. (This offer needs to be amongst Canadians so all can benefit with appropriate tax receipts)

A lot of embarrassing fun will be had this next month, and a lot of good will be done. Let’s make sure men’s health and diabetes awareness both get their time to shine.

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