So it’s just the beginning of the year and already the holidays are fast approaching, no wonder our kids grow so fast! As single fathers, you don’t want to miss a moments with your growing children but without the extra set of hands, a few helping tips never go unwanted.

After speaking to a number of fathers, both single or otherwise engaged, there are a number of tips you can use the next time holiday season rolls on in. Check out our favourite holiday tips which are bound to keepyour kids busy. 

It’s the Time of the Season – Check Your Weather App

Holiday activities are massively impacted by the time of the season. The weather determines whether or not to take your kids outside or keep them inside. However, if you, like many, are the adventurous sort and your kids love playing outdoors no matter snow or shine then you won’t need to check your weather app. Just keep the little ones out of the rain and go wherever the activities take you.

Outdoor Activities

If you are strapped for cash or you simply want your kids to appreciate all that nature has to offer you can choose from a long list of DIY activities depending on your area. For example, if you are in Canada and are blessed with the snow, set up a work space where you can monitor your kids as they build snowmen, bum board or enjoy a snowball fight.

You will be able to catch up on some work outdoors with them or relax while reading the paper. If however there is no snow, get busy with your kids outdoors by going for a winter hike, exploring nature by bird watching or taking them out for a picnic.

Indoor Activities

Needless to say, indoor activities allow single fathers the freedom to be less on guard and more relaxed. You know where your kids are and they are protected under your watch. But what to do? If you are at home you can call a movie day, build a puppet area or allow them an arts and crafts station. This is ideal for home activities giving you some time to unwind with NetBet Casino before having to take them out again to catch some fresh air.

Creating Play Dates

Speak out to your kids’ friend’s parents. Organize a day at your place or take your kids for a barbeque at the neighbours. Remember your kids will want to interact and keep in touch with their besties, they don’t need your company as much as you need theirs sometimes. Such is the way of life with children.

Remember as a single father it is always okay to accept help from others, just make sure your kids are safe and they have enough time with you. Play catch, run and tackle them, swim with them, teach them how to fish, cook a meal or they can teach you recipes or how to bake princess cakes. You don’t need millions for them to appreciate time spent with you.

Lunch / Dinner Dates

Make a date in the week to spend some quality time with your kids. You can cook a meal and eat around the table at home or you can book a table at a family restaurant. If you keep these evenings consistent your kids will know this is family night and as they grow into young adults, you can all look forward to family date nights.

You don’t need bucket loads of money to entertain your children, they only want your attention. Plan fun cost effective day trips for you and the kids and reconnect as a family again.

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