Awesome Thing I Ate: Nanton Ice Cream

Garbage Can Ice Cream | $3.75 for a single | Nanton Ice Cream

[twitter]Nanton is the perfect place for a daytrip escape from Calgary. It’s just far enough to be “away” while close enough to not be a bother to get there and back in an afternoon. There’s a great playground, the Bomber Command Museum, the Nanton Candy Store, the Zephyr Drive In, the Ultimate Trains Train Store and .. ice cream.

Nanton Ice Cream is two doors down from the Nanton Candy Store.  While Zacharie opted for a traditional mint chocolate chip scoop, I went for “Garbage Can.”

I don’t know how it’s made, I don’t know if I want to know, but Garbage Can ice cream is a little bit of everything. To scrape the bottom of the empties and recycle it in to a new flavour? Do they skim the tops of every new bucket to be blended into this one? Do they buy it like that? No matter, Garbage Can Ice Cream is a wonderful blend of every single flavour in the universe. Chocolate, vanilla, bubblegum, cheesecake, rum raisin, every lick had a little bit of something new in it.

Sitting on the benches outside Nanton Ice Cream  chomping on a housemade waffle cone alongside my son on a summer’s day was just proof positive that you can’t not stop in Nanton.  Driving to Lethbridge, or home from Waterton, we always stop in Nanton for a peek at the bomber, a play on the playground, or a lick of ice cream.  Always.

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