U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm

Saskatoon Berry season is the last week of July, and the first week of August. There are many places to go and U Pick Saskatoon berries in and around Calgary.

You can find U Pick Saskatoons  at Solstice Berry Farms NW of Calgary, or near Okotoks at Kayben Farms or The Saskatoon Farm.

Last year we had our harvest at The Blooming Fields, this year we headed south to The Saskatoon Farm, a great kitschy little place 3km off Highway 2 near Okotoks.

The Saskatoon Farm is a series of buildings set up like an old frontier town house numerous gift shops, bakeries, restaurants, and farmer’s markets.  No matter where you are on the property you can hear the cackle of the many roosters who board with possibly the biggest turkey I have ever seen.

U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm
U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm

U Pick Saskatoons at Saskatoon Berry Farm

In addition to having a full garden center of nursery plants as well, The Saskatoon Farm has 50 acres of Saskatoon berries in a u pick orchard.  When you arrive, walk into the garden center and pick up an ice cream bucket, they have them there for you. Then, head out to the orchard and fill it as full as you can. This is important, because no matter how many berries you put in that bucket, it’s $14. Half full? $14. Filled with a full 5 pounds of berries? $14.  So fill it up.

U Pick Saskatoons are best in late July, or early August.  Once you’ve wandered the rows at The Saskatoon Farm, and filled up your buckets to bursting, head inside and picked up some fresh baked Saskatoon pies, tarts, and scones. You can also line up for a seat in their restaurant and have a farm style home cooked meal after your hard time harvesting from the land.

When you bring your Saskatoon berries home, quickly head over to Dinner With Julie‘s recipe box to find wonderful things to make with them. Basically, you can treat them like a blueberry, so whatever the recipe is for blues, substitute s’toons and you’re fine.

I’ll also be sure to pour out a can of Big Rock Brewery‘s Purple Gas when I get home from the chore of U Pick Saskatoons. The delicious beer is flavored with Saskatoon berries and agave, and is a wonderful midsummer treat.

Does your family love to go out and u pick saskatoons? What are your favorite recipes for this prairie berry?

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