How To Win At Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

[twitter]Want to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors? Here’s How

Rock-paper-scissors SEEMS to be a completely random game . . . but an expert claims you can use strategies to help you win.

Graham Walker is a rock-paper-scissors veteran, and organized the last five World Championships of ‘RPS’ . . . that’s what ‘insiders’ call the game.

He says the key is to realize that, while the game may SEEM random, most humans aren’t, and act according to predictable patterns.

The first rule of RPS is “Rock is for Rookies.” Inexperienced players tend to lead off a game by throwing rock first. No one knows why, but it means you can lead off with paper and earn yourself a quick victory.

Next is the rule of threes: People don’t like to throw the same thing three times in a row. They think it makes them seem too predictable. That means that if someone has thrown rock twice, you can bet they won’t do it again. So if you throw scissors, you’ll either beat their paper, or settle for a tie.

This next tip seems kind of sketchy, but Graham says it works: People tend to mimic gestures they see other people making. So if you make a lot of hand motions holding out two fingers, you might be able to subconsciously influence your opponent to throw scissors. And you’ll be waiting with rock.

Finally, after losing, a person often leads off the next game by throwing what would have won last time. So if your paper covered his rock last time, he’ll probably throw the scissors that would have cut your paper. And you’ll be waiting with rock.

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