Martin Parnell’s Lacrosse Quest 24

Buzz Bishop and Martin Parnell - Netball Quest 61

[twitter]Martin Parnell does not take retirement lightly.

In 2010 he ran 250 marathons, with a goal of raising $250 000 for Right To Play.

In 2011, I joined him in setting a Guinness World Record for Marathon Netball (our game lasted 61 hours).

To date he has raised more than $300 000 to help kids around the world get out and get active – and he’s not stopping. Up next for Martin are more world records.

On April 27, he has Lacrosse Quest 24. It will be a box lacrosse game lasting 24 hours, setting the first ever Guinness World Record for Marathon Lacrosse Playing.

20110918 Netball Quest 61 Guinness World Record attempt

To set the record, Martin will need some help. Competitors need to be at least 16 and have some experience with box lacrosse. Go to to sign up.

The endurance “Lacrosse Quest 24” will be played over 24 hours commencing 7.00PM Friday April 27, around the clock through to 7.00PM Saturday April 28, at the South Fish Creek Recreation Complex Arena (S.E. Calgary).

Hotbox Lacrosse and Martin will be joined by Lacrosse enthusiasts to form two teams of 23 each, who must remain court-side for the duration of the 24 hour record attempt.

“Lacrosse Quest 24” is the third event in Martin’s “Quests for Kids” series. His plan is to complete 10 Quests in 5 years, raising $1m for Right To Play and helping 20,000 children. Lacrosse Quest 24 will aim to raise $50,000 of this goal to benefit the children of Benin in Western Africa. As part of a commitment from Right To Play partners, every dollar donated in support of Lacrosse Quest 24 will be matched three times. Online donations can be made via

More far-reaching and impactful than the boasting rights of a Guinness World Record will be the effect of the money raised by the attempt. With every $50 raised, one child will be able to experience Right To Play’s weekly sport and play–based programs for a year.

The focus of Martin’s “Quests for Kids” series is to promote sports that kids can play both at school and in the community, so working with Hotbox Lacrosse for the Guinness World Record attempt is a natural fit as his third quest event.

Why not strike “Guinness World Record” off your bucket list? If you have box lacrosse experience, join Martin on April 27 and help kids around the world get the Right To Play.

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