The Kyle Wellwood Diet


[twitter]When Kyle Wellwood reported to Canucks training camp earlier this month he tipped the scales near 200lbs and wasn’t in NHL shape, according to coach Alain Vigneault.

The Canucks had signed him to a nearly $1M deal in the off-season and were hoping to have the ex-Leaf regain his 30 goal scoring touch on a line with Pavol Demitra and Mason Raymond. Unsatisfied with Wellwood’s weight, the Canucks put him on a strict diet.

In 10 days he’s dropped 8 pounds and some of the way he’s doing it are exactly the reason I’ve been dropping weight with LA Weight Loss. When you give your diet over to someone who knows what they’re doing, you just follow the rules and things will be okay.

“They’ve taken all the thinking out of it,” he says “They’re making sure I get the meals I need. I’ve eliminated everything but lean meat and vegetables. If you want to lose weight pretty quickly, just do that.” [Vancouver Sun]

That’s what LA Weight Loss has done for Jennifer and I – it’s taken all the thinking out of things. We know each day how many proteins, fruit, vegetable, dairy, fat and starches we need to eat. We plan our meals out the night before or morning of, and we’re not scrambling at a fast food drive through or ordering a pizza at 7p because we have no dinner planned.

When you’re on a program, you’re bound by the programs rules and it adds a convenient and easy structure to how and what you eat. Follow it, and you’ll drop the lbs – just like Kyle Wellwood did.

Hmmm .. I’m around 197 now .. I wonder if I get down to 189 by next weekend if Coach will sign me to a $1M deal?

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