When traveling to Bangkok from North America, you’re likely to make a stop along the way. When I made my trip, I stopped in Kyoto en route, and Hong Kong coming back. Both layovers were overnight allowing enough time to get out and explore the city without paying extra for the fare.

A trip to Thailand now included quick visits to Hong Kong and Japan as well. Wonderful!

Our layover in Hong Kong was just about 22 hours. We landed and took a cab into the city before dumping our gear at our hotel, freshening up and meeting a friend.

Our first stop for the night was the Temple St Night Market

Temple St Night Market

Then we went up to the Peninsula Hotel for a cocktail. The men’s room here is renowned for having urinals with a large open view of the city. Go to the bathroom here and it’s like you’re pissing on the city.

Mad bathrooms in the Peninsula

The next morning we got up early to take the Star Ferry across the harbour.

Star Ferry Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour at Dusk

We took the funicular up Victoria Peak to enjoy the view.

Victoria Peak - Hong Kong

We took the ferry back and explored some of the posh shops in Harbour City near the terminal.

By now it was just about time to head back to the airport to catch our flight home. We hardly saw everything there was to see in Hong Kong, but we whetted the appetite and did just enough to know it’s worth more than a layover on the next Asian exploration.

Here’s a map:

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