We took off to San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos for the 3rd time in the past 5 years for our winter family escape this February. It’s a short 4 hour flight from Calgary and so I watch the prices like a hawk for the Holiday Inn Los Cabos (one of the best value and quietest resorts on the strip), and when I see a deal, I snap it up.

It’s a cheap, quick, easy getaway for our family. We love it, and are already talking about going back in another couple of years (you need to mix it up, after all).

But what do you do with your family in Los Cabos? What are the fun activities to do with young kids and tweens in San Jose del Cabo? We’ve been a bunch, so here’s how we like to spend family time in Los Cabos.

First there’s sunrise yoga.

The sun rises around 6:45am in February, so Charlie and I set the alarm for 6:30 to hit the beach so the sun just crests at the perfect time in the middle of our practice.

Then we go for breakfast and spend some time at the pool reading our books.

Then we have lunch.

We like to go to the beach restaurant at the resort for fish tacos and a cerveza.

Then we ‘ll head to the other pool to swim, or go for long walk on the beach looking for turtles and shells, before settling in to read more books.

Then we go for dinner.

We love San Jose del Cabo for families because it’s an easy walk (or Uber, depending on where your resort is) to Plaza del Pescador or into old town.

Get tired of the resort buffet? There’s craft beer pubs (Baja Brewing Co), Italian joints (La Dolce), and authentic Mexican eats everywhere.

Not to mention it’s pretty damn fun on Thursday nights for the art walk.


So we do dinner before checking out a show, watching some Netflix on our iPads, or .. reading more books.

That’s it.

Yes, there’s lots of golf. You can go whale watching or fishing. You can ride camels, or zipline, or do dune buggies. There are horse rides on the beach or snorkeling with whale sharks.

But we shun it all. (Except that one time, Zacharie and I toured out to Los Arcos on an overcast day and got shuttled around to tourist traps in Cabo San Lucas).

But really, we just read in the hammock or by the pool, do yoga, walk on the beach, and play with waves.

That’s it.

We leave our wallet in our pockets and absolutely dial back to enjoy a week off the grid.

That, my friends, is the best thing to do for families in Los Cabos.

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