The Worst Airplane Seat In The World

[twitter]TAM Airlines, flight 703 from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro.

The worst thing happened. In the lottery that is seat assignments, my wife and I pulled row 28.

There are 28 rows on this plane. Dead last. Back of the bus. The unreclining one against the wall. Usually a total pain, but on this 4 hour flight something else would be tossed into the mix. Not only would we not be able to recline, if the seats in front did, they’d be sitting on my lap.

the worst seat on an airplaneThe last row on this TAM Airlines flight was especially nasty since they’ve pinched 3 inches out of every row on the plane to squeeze an extra 6 seats in the back.

I’m barely 5’ 10” and my knees were scraping the seat in front of me. The width of the seat was just as tight with my shoulders straying into my wife’s airspace. Never mind fighting for the armrest, my actual shoulder was in her chin.

The TAM Airlines seats were so tight, that when we boarded our Continental flight from Rio to Houston, we felt like we were in first class despite schlepping in economy. 3 simple inches of knee room was all it took.

The last row is the worst on any plane, you can’t move your seat, everyone else can ride into your lap. The only seat perhaps worse than my 28A was 28C, the one on the aisle. Where everyone hovers over you waiting to use the bathroom.

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