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As someone who has made a career in media, I have spent my life catering to the whims of the audience. Sure, I get to lead in creating the content I find interesting, but if I don’t find something you like as well, this isn’t going anywhere.

It’s a little bit of the tail wagging the dog sometimes, I will admit. There are times to be bold and break new ground and give the audience something they didn’t know they wanted, but you also need to have a healthy dose of something familiar and comfortable.

It’s why radio stations “all play the same songs.” They do their research, they find what people really want, and then serve it up.

So how do they find those people? Surveys. Audience panels. Music testing sessions. Research projects. Brands are always reaching out into the marketplace to find out what their audience really wants. If you want to have input into what happens in everything from media to marketing, you need to get your voice heard, and share your opinion, on one of those panels.

Ipsos is one of the companies that facilitates these surveys and panels. They offer people who want to make their opinions heard, a chance to take surveys and earn rewards with i-Say.

I answered one today that asked me everything from which sports I like to watch on tv to how I choose my political candidate to what my favourite brunch item is.

Polls and quizzes can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

I-Say Question

At the end of the quiz, you can play a Poll Predictor game where you try to identify how everyone else answered a question. Here you can earn entries into draws for rewards.

I-Say Rewards

You can join I-Say to start having your say and earning rewards for free!

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