Online casinos like Mr Bet are safe. They are as protected as online banking and other financial systems. You have a guarantee that they will take care of your data and that they will protect it from hackers and scammers. How do they do it and why? Read on, and we will provide an explanation.

Secure Socket Layer

The first layer of data protection comes in the form of a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. Any website with an “S” after “HTTP” uses this technology.

SSL is an encryption method that jumbles all information that the casino gathers. Even if a hacker succeeds in taking the information, there is no way they can unscramble it because they need to decrypt it with a key.

Here are some benefits of SSL:

  • Your personal data is protected;
  • You ensure that the casino is a legitimate operator;
  • You know that the casino is compliant with the law.

SSL is the most basic form of data protection. All information that passes through the casino servers is encrypted, which means that the hackers may be able to intercept personal information but can’t make use of it.

General Data Protection Regulation

Also known as GDPR – this is a law mandating all website operators to implement security measures and processes in handling data, particularly those that involve personally identifiable information.

Some examples are: 

  • Credit card number;
  • Full name;
  • Street address.

The GDPR came into full effect in 2018, and it includes laws that those who collect data should never sell it to anybody or any institution. GDPR mainly applies to the European Union, but all website operators that serve the EU must also comply, even if the websites’ servers are not in the EU.

Furthermore, companies are obligated to inform their customers of any data breach that happened. This way, the consumers can act accordingly if the website that they are a member of gets hacked.

In addition to all these, website visitors have the right to be informed about the information that the website collects, such as cookies, names, IP addresses, location information, etc.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

This is a process that pertains to the protection of your financial information. Although it is not a law, it is a global standard. As such, many businesses require this compliance from companies before they sign up for a business contract.

The PCI DSS is about trust and self-regulation. A company like a casino is more trustworthy if it implements PCI DSS. If they do, it only means they have robust processes that allow them to safely store credit card and other financial information. It also means that they can process financial transactions safely.

PCI DSS applies primarily to banks and financial institutions, such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. However, even if casinos are not financial institutions, they also process credit card transactions, so they must comply with this standard.

If a casino or a game developer is not compliant, it is not likely that other companies in the gambling industry will work with them. That is why it is always best to only register in casinos where you can find big game developer names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.

When it comes to security, online casinos have come a long way, especially now that all games run on the servers of the casino. There are also many laws about online security and data protection, which casinos must comply with. As a result, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

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