Cheap Parking Near GM Place / Rogers Arena


[twitter]I fear this could be one of those secrets that I share and no longer becomes useful. Like going through the Duty Free store at the border. It used to turn a 2hr wait into 20 minutes, now everyone pops in to pick up lemon drops and the wait is just the same.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can save $25 on parking when going to events at GM Place. Yes, I said SAVE $25 on parking, because on Saturday night when both the Lions and Canucks were playing, parking in and around the stadiums was $30.

But if you walk a couple blocks towards Chinatown, you can nab a spot for $5. Walk another block and you can grab a HUGE Chinese dinner for 2 for $20 and look what you just did – dinner AND parking with $5 left over for 50-50 tickets at the game.

The lot is at the corner of Keefer and Columbia/Quebec, it has large orange P signs on the side. Pull in, pay your $5 in advance and pick a spot.

Just a block and a half away from the lot is New Town Bakery [158 E Pender]. The siopaos here are legendary and only $1.30. You can also select a 3 item meal and bowl of Won Ton soup for just $11, or scan the value menu for bowls of ramen soup for just $6.50. My grandfather and I had a fully filling meal for just $17 between us.

The only drawback to this parking spot is the area. But, if you’re going on a busy game night, or concert event, there should be enough traffic going to and from the venue at the same time as you to make you feel a little safe.

View chinatown in a larger map

If it’s too dodgy for you, pony up the extra bucks and park downtown or near the rink.

I should add one other place to pick up a great parking deal for events at GM Place would be the Edgewater Casino. There, you can park for free – sorta. The up front fee is $40, but the sign says it’s refundable. That means you have to pay up front, but if you step inside the casino you can get your money back… provided you don’t dump it at the tables.

This lot is a bit of a nightmare getting in and out of. It’s tight, underground and there’s only one way in, and one way out. That means it gets VERY busy after a game when everyone is trying to leave at the same time.

I had my key in the ignition at Keefer and Columbia/Quebec at 9:54. I was home in North Vancouver by 10:11. I’m guessing the guys under the Edgewater were still waiting to get out.

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