First Person POV of The Coaster at Playland

[twitter]Playland is now open daily for the summer season!

To celebrate, I got up extra early to run a contest for people to win a season’s pass to Playland. The contest involved many mind bending stunts performed while The Coaster was rolling. They weren’t easy.

The Coaster is one of the greatest in the world, built in 1958 this wooden gem drops 20 m and accelerates through 75km/h. The best part is the lap bar doesn’t really come down all the way. You’ll be flying out of your seat with every drop and turn.

Since we were on it so early, I got a front row seat without waiting and took this first-person video of the complete 2 minute ride!

We all rode it 4 times before 7a. Good times, but not recommended

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