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Gary, Really Larry | Cougar Ridge | March 4, 2013

[twitter]This is Gary, Really Larry. He’s our neighborhood cat.

When we first moved to our neighborhood, we saw him roaming the fences between the houses and needed to give him a name. At our old house, we used to name the cats after soap opera characters. There was Roman, Donna Love, etc.

This time we went with Gary. As in Calgary. The idea being the next cat we saw would be named Cal.

But something strange happened when we called to Gary that first time. He came. Sometimes strange cats will come when you call, but this guy turned his head like he heard his name.

As we were stroking his belly, we flipped over his nametag. His name is actually Larry. I’m guessing “Gary” sounds a lot like “Larry” to a cat, so Gary, Really Larry, was born to our family.

Gary, Really Larry, was out doing his morning rounds today in the fresh powder and I called him over for a belly rub. Love him.


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