Tourism Calgary Wants You To Capture Wow

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There is more to the Calgary than cowboy hats and the Stampede. Tourism Calgary is wanting to underline the new images of the west in their upcoming tourism campaigns abroad and they’re looking to us to capture and share the biggest WOW tourism moments in Calgary.

You can upload you photos and prizes will be awarded for some of the greatest images and stories. Since we moved to Calgary last year, we’ve been a tourist in our own town, drinking in all that we can in the area.

Here are a few of my favourite WOW Calgary moments (that I will be entering in the contest):

20100912 calgary corn maze - 08 20101009 heritage park - 03 20100929 baker park - 04 20100925 banff gondola - 17 2010-04-10 Drumheller - 28 20110219 heritage classic - 14

So get to it, snap your best moment—preferably one that evokes feelings of awe, excitement and exhilaration—and upload it at

Upload. Share. Repeat. All year long.

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