Lest We Forget

Nan and Grumps

This post was originally published at DadCAMP on November 11, 2009.

Today is Remembrance Day.

Canadians are reminded of the impact of the day each time we spend $10. The poem, In Flanders Fields, is printed on the back of the bill. There are millions of quarters emblazoned with poppies to help remind us that this day is about sacrifice.

My grandfather (above) was a member of the Merchant Marines in WWII. The first ship he was stationed on, the HMCS Oakville, made a very famous capture in the Caribbean of a German UBoat. The vessel rammed U94, dropped depth charges and eventually captured the crew.

popinegyptMy great-grandfather (right) served in the Middle East in WWI and was part of the liberation forces that rolled through Jerusalem in 1917. There’s a famous photo in our family of him in uniform at the base of the Sphynx in Egypt.

Another of my great-grandfathers was part of the Allied forces that fought at Vimy Ridge.

All of them survived their tours in the military, but so many young men and women didn’t. Too many never to experience the joys of fatherhood and the thrills of being a dad.

Without great-granddads and granddads there couldn’t be dads or sons.

Thank you Grumps and Pop for taking the risk then so that I may enjoy today. It’s the best day ever.

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