Famous Last Tweets

heavy d last tweet

[twitter]Mona Simpson‘s eulogy for her brother, Steve Jobs, made headlines around the world when she revealed his final words.

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

Those were the final syllables he spoke to his family around his bedside before he drifted off to death hours later. Jobs didnt have a Twitter account, so those are the final words we have from him.

Mitch Joel encourages people to take inventory of their Twitter account every now and again. The Twitter Test asks that you scroll back over what you’re saying to make sure you’re on message, being respectful and to look at your stream from the point of you of an employer. It’s a good way to stay on point.

Here’s another perspective – what if that was your last tweet. Your epitaph. Your final words online. Would you like what it says?

Rapper Heavy D collapsed and died in his home after finishing his groceries. Hours earlier he had posted 2 words to his Twitter account.

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