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My wife is on Twitter – sort of. I tweet for her. You could say I “help her compose a tweet” every now and again.

Jen’s back looking for work after her second mat leave and to get her palette back in training for her career as a wine rep, we’re cracking bottles a couple of times a week. One of the things about wine is that it’s hard to remember what you like.

Keeping a wine diary is a great way to remember what you think about wines, which ones are good values and which wines go with which meals. Yes, there are apps for that, but Twitter is just as easy a method to track your tastes.

We hashtag our reviews #winetweet, take a picture of the label and then fill out the 140 characters with a quick review.

Here are some of @Bebe_lala‘s recent #winetweets:

Charles and Charles cab/syrah masterful melanger of plums prunes fig chocolate tobacco. The cats ass! $20 [tweet]

Robert Oatley Shiraz – easy drinking, smooth almost velvet. Fruit fwd. Good bang <$20 [tweet]

SnapDragon cab $10. Amazing deal. Easy, cherry cough syrup taste. Like Ytail? You’ll LOVE this. [tweet]

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