The beginning of the new year is an excellent opportunity to start a new life, to rediscover yourself and your interests, or even to discover sides of your personality that you never knew existed. These goals can easily be achieved by making a list of New Year’s Resolutions, which will help each person to start 2022 in a more conscious manner and much more focused on their personal goals, thus increasing their chances of having a peaceful, positive and profitable year.

The emergence of the Omicron variant and all the related complications of Covid-19 – including the ghost of new locks and new forced confinements, such as those experienced in 2020 during the first lockdowns – have taken people’s minds back to the worst months of the last two years, those spent sadly at home without even being able to go out to the bar, the cinema or a restaurant.

In those circumstances, people turned to their favourite pastimes, whether old or new, to pass the time and try not to think too much about the drama of their personal situation. Video games, Netflix, long chats with friends (almost always from a distance), were some of the best antidotes to the lockdown and restrictions, or even just the threat of them, giving people the opportunity to relax for long hours and temporarily forget about the pandemic.

New passions to overcome Covid’s difficulties

At the dawn of 2022, with the world still fighting tenaciously in the grips of the Covid, people find themselves with a strong desire to return to their passions, their interests, in the knowledge that all these activities could really help them to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead in the medium term, but also – and above all – in the present.

One activity that everyone can indulge in, with minimal effort and enormous benefits, is reading, here’s our take. If you don’t want to spend money to buy new books, you can pick up the old volumes you have at home, perhaps crammed in a dusty cellar, or lined up neatly on the shelves of a room, long forgotten and completely unattended. Among these works, you might find a passage or a sentence that moved you when you were younger, or an entire story that evokes happy memories from a not entirely forgotten past.

Immersing yourself in the reading of an old novel, of a book that you had already chosen in another phase of your life, and that you now choose to exhume in a moment of necessity, will give you infinite joy, moments of pure delight, and the people around you may surprise you while you are reading with a sweet expression, with a barely noticeable smile that ripples your lips, in perfect bliss.

The touch of technology

Another factor to keep in mind, in these extremely complex times, is the power of technology. With
all the instant messaging applications and software we have at our disposal, arranging a special call,
perhaps with a person or friend we haven’t heard from in a long time, can set a completely different
tone for our days, fuelling a pleasant feeling of well-being and contentment. Technology, after all,
is at its best at times like these, when people need to be connected to each other to get through
emergency periods.

The likely closures due to the pandemic are also a good opportunity to rediscover those passions that had been put aside, such as sports and related entertainment media. During the week, when one is busy with work, there is very little time to follow one’s teams and genuinely cheer one’s colours,  and at the weekend one is too busy organising pleasant moments of relaxation with friends or one’s partner. The risk here is that one’s passion for sport is completely forgotten.

This is why platforms such as provide players with a wide range of sports betting sites, allowing everyone to dust off their attachment to their favourite teams and bet directly on their purest passions, blissfully enjoying the most magical moments in sport. On this platform, there are also useful guides and valuable advice developed by experts in the field, with the aim of offering everyone the best user experience imaginable.

Sometimes you need a bit of imagination to get through the difficult times.

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