Get Yer Redneck On

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[twitter]This weekend I got my redneck on, and, I gotta tell you, it was kinda fun.

I don’t get NASCAR. I’m not a car guy. Still, with the kids loving Cars the way they do, I thought it would be fun to take in some racing action while we were on vacation.

The Montana Raceway is a 1/4 mile track between Kalispell and Whitefish in the Flathead Valley. $12 gets you in, kids under 6 are free and popcorn is just $2. You can’t beat that.

We just stayed for the first few heats of racing that featured back to back action. Each race was a 6 lap sprint with 4 cars on the track at a time. They were tiny, they were big, they were fast, they were loud. 

I brought some old headphones for the boys to wear to dull the noise from the track, and the blasting country music from the loudspeakers.

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The audience was peppered in Harley, Affliction, Earnhardt, and Star Spangled shirts. They sang their anthem loudly minutes after a token golf clap for the Canadian anthem.

They soaked up king cans of beer in the free koozies from the concession, and high fived and hugged their neighbours as they got together for a Saturday night at the track.

We had a blast. The boys enjoyed seeing Lightning McQueen, we smiled because they were smiling.

They’re ain’t nothing wrong with being a redneck – for a night.

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