[twitter]Edmonton can be a (not so) quick daytrip from Calgary, if you really want it to be. More than likely, you’ll end up staying a night or more. Edmonton is a popular landing spot for concerts that skip Calgary because of the configuration of the Saddledome. Paul McCartney, for example, recently did 2 nights in the smaller city to the north, passing over Calgary. So whether you’re coming to Edmonton for a concert, or other event, why not make a couple nights of it and spend some time in Alberta’s capital.

It’s not very inspiring to suggest a mall has all one could want in a weekend escape, but West Edmonton Mall delivers with all sorts of entertainment. I have called it Alberta’s Little Las Vegas before, and it’s true. Walk The Strip in Vegas and you’ll find all sorts of gimmicks to attract you off the sidewalk, and West Edmonton Mall delivers all of those sorts of things (and it even has a casino too).

Of course West Edmonton Mall has shopping. With more than 800 stores on 2 levels, covering about 1.5 km from end-to-end, WEM attracts between 60k and 150k people a day. This joint has them all covered when it comes to consumer cravings, but it’s more than just shopping. West Edmonton Mall, like a true Las Vegas casino, has all the sideshows that will have you spending a day, or two, or three inside the mall and thoroughly entertained.

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  2. John February 23, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Most people don’t know it but the ship in phase 3 is a life sized replica of the Santa Marie.

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