false creek vancouver

[twitter]You know how when you break up with someone and then you run into them later and you compare lives?

Going back to Vancouver is like that for me. My hometown is now my ex and while I am absolutely happy with my life in Calgary, and love the city, when I come back to Vancouver I get jealous of my ex.

Vancouver is sexier since I moved on. My ex hasn’t missed a beat, it’s like it has a new rich man in her life and spends the day in yoga classes. The Olympics really popped the city with activity. The new Canada Line has created pockets of activity that buzz up and down Cambie St. The new Olympic Village district is the new hot place, cranes still dominate the sky line with more and more development

And then there’s the view. I lived in Yaletown for 2 years. I ran a lap of False Creek 3 times a week for my marathon training. It was beautiful. I loved it. But you don’t really appreciate it until you’re gone, and your ex has moved on, and doesn’t seem to miss you a bit.

false creek vancouver

To wrap us summer, we packed up the boys and their bikes and found some things for kids to do in Vancouver. We walked, they rode from The Olympic Village through to Granville Island, then we took the False Creek Ferry back. We then hooked up with friends for dinner at The Tap and Barrel and the boys climbed all over the big birds in the plaza.

false creek vancouver

false creek ferry

tap and barrel

big birds

granville island playground

It was a wonderful, gorgeous, day. It was one of those days where your heart pangs for your old flame while at the same time barely recognizing who they’ve become.

false creek vancouver

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